When we set-up a new business website we normally set-up some business email accounts such as yourname@yourbusiness.co.uk and admin@yourbusiness.co.uk.

These emails are securely stored on your server (whether in your office or shared hosting) and retrieved by an email application such as Outlook Express or a mobile device type application to get email on the move.

We set up all the emails that we are asked to – normally employee name and a few general or shared mailboxes for sales and admin.  Sometimes however people will mis-spell an email address or send an email to the wrong email address.  these emails are often caught by your server and can still be found and read even though they never end up in anyone’s inbox.

We consider this an worthwhile housekeeping exercise to check for any such mail and to empty/ back-up/ archive company emails and at the same time check for any such lost post.

Think of it as moving the filing cabinets in the post room and finding a couple of letters underneath – you never know one might contain a check!

One client recently did not have an info@hiscompany.co.uk email address set-up.  when we checked his email at the back end, sure enough there was an email addressed to this email address – from a potential advertiser!  This opportunity would have been lost of we had not been doing the proper maintenance a website needs.

To discuss your busienss website or email requirements get in touch using the form.

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