Captcha is the system used by websites to stop automated submissions (bots) of contact forms and registrations.  Normally a CAPTCHA system requires the user to manaually input a series of letters and numbers that are presented as an image so as to be hard for a program to read and (in theory) easy for a person to read.

Funny Captcha

WordPress users will be pleased to know there’s a handy plugin called Really Simple CAPTCHA that can be installed in minutes and used alongside contact forms and other actions that require a user to input data.

Captcha is really handy in the fight against spam and automated submissions.  It can also be a pain for users as more and more frequently I find myself coming across CAPTCHA systems that I cannot get past – either because I can’t decipher the code or the system just does not like my input.  Very frustrating and something webmasters need to check on their own website as they may be missing out on sales, leads and feedback from their customers.

One Captcha image made my day today as the picture shows.  Enough said.  Needless to say I listened to the audio version as well.  Yes I am juvenile.

If you need help or advice setting up CAPTCHA on your blog or website do not hesitate to get in touch.

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